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"Empowering our youth for a positive, high vibration future."
- Kind Karma® Worldwide

Who Are We & What We Do: 

This Kind Karma® Worldwide Initiative is called "Kids R Key" because we believe, "kids are the 'key' to creating the world's future."  Children are our sustained breath, and future heart-light of compassion, peace and kindness.​

Kids R' Key accentuates noninvasive, holistic therapies such as:

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We Work with Children Onsite & Offsite
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Kind Karma's Worldwide
Youth Empowerment Movement
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Youth Empowerment OWholeness

YEOW, promotes youth empowerment through Kind Karma® Kid's Yoga, awaken with meditation, mindfulness, awaken qigong, integrative sound therapy, positive thinking and visualization, aromatherapy, energy and crystal therapy, and interconnectivity with nature. ​

Kind Karma® Kids Yoga incorporates simple and, easy to learn, breathing methods as mindful learning tools for children to develop healthy coping skills.  Our specific breathing techniques are designed to teach positive ways to channel energy, emotions and feelings, and to cope with uncomfortable, painful, conflicted or turbulent life situations. ​

"Alone We Can Do So Little.  Together We Can Do So Much."
- Helen Keller
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Kind Karma® Kids R Key
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