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Kind Karma Worldwide® By The Numbers
Shaping the Future of the World by Empowering the Present
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Kind Karma Worldwide® Achievements
Our Kind Karma Heart Consciousness-Driven Initiatives 
Kind Karma Worldwide® Kids
  • We visited "Angela's House" monthly for a year to help 10 children that reside there with energy therapy to relieve physical pain and mental anguish.

  • Taught yoga, breathing exercises and meditation to parents and guardians of the children who live at Angela's House to help lessen stress, emotional pain & depression.

  • Donated hot food, water bottles, utensils, plates and cups to the children at Bearan Junior Academy.

  • We used sound and crystal therapy for children who reside at "Angela's House". 

Kind Karma Worldwide® Planet
  • 4 Kind Karma volunteers planted flowering bushes in front and in back of our studio in the spring and fall.

  • 4 Kind Karma volunteers went to Lake Norman, North Carolina, to give Reiki to the trees and birds – Earth Gifting.

  • All our flowers we received as gifts were eventually given back to mother earth.

  • Gave an offering to the gnomes at a pond behind our studio. 

Kind Karma Worldwide® Animals 
  • Provided Kind Karma Reiki to 2,500 rescued, abused or injured animals.

  • Attained our goal of donating over 500 pounds of food to animals and sanctuaries of need.

  • Sponsoring animal sanctuaries. Presently involved with 3 different annual sponsorship programs for three rescued animals.

  • We donated 20 pounds of pumpkins to 12 chickens at a farm to help assuage their uncomfortable digestive issues.  

Kind Karma Worldwide®
  • Donated 200 pounds of canned food (5 bags) to Alta Grove Apartments for the food drive for Second Harvest of Charlotte.

  • Offered several free yoga classes honoring Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Lunar Eclipse, Special Full Moons to help our members to heal, minimize stress, to find peace.

  • During our outdoor Kind Karma Yoga class, we practiced in nature, giving our healing energy to all.  We also helped heal the tree during our practice.

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