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Raising the Vibration of Humanity

      Humanitarian Nonprofit Organization.      

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions." 

Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma Worldwide™

"Raising the heart consciousness & vibration of humanity through holistic initiatives & community events."

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"Reaching, teaching and healing our communities."  

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"Unified in purpose, let's walk an empowered path."

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Our Kind Karma Worldwide™ Initiatives
Creating a World of Kind Karma® Interconnection 

Through 4 worldwide initiatives, the heart and soul of Kind Karma Worldwide™, we are raising the heart consciousness of humanity and increasing the world's vibration. 

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Kind Karma® Kids R Key

"Kids R Key Initiative is for our world's successful future. Empowering our youth through positive thinking, Kind Karma Kids Yoga, meditation, sound therapy and breathing exercises.

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Planet Kind Karma®

"Planet Kind Karma Initiative is our holistic solution for saving the earth." Our Earth Gifting movement is a wonderful opportunity to connect with nature, and to help care for our planet.

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Kind Karma® Cares

"Kind Karma Cares Initiative is about healing our kindred companions."  Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy is used for sick, abused, sheltered, farm and domesticated animals. 

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"Kind Karma® Inspirations" 
Kind Karma® Inspirations is Our Blog of Current News &
Accomplishments Achieved 
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Kind Karma Worldwide™ Initiatives are creating positive outcomes through youth empowerment programs; community service projects & events; holistic animal healing; yoga, meditation & mindfulness; sound & energy therapy; qigong & breathing exercises; and earth care & environmental awareness.