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Who Are We & What We Do 

Kind Karma Worldwide® Planet Initiative focuses on healing, honoring, and nurturing our planet, Mother Earth. It aims to strengthen our bond with the environment and nature spirits. Additionally, we organize various "Giving Back to the Earth" events annually and provide training courses that can be attended online or in person, indoors or outdoors.


This initiative comprises three distinct "sacred moment" segments:

  • Earth Gifting.

  • Exploring Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature.

  • Enhancing Environmental Awareness & Nature Connectivity.

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What Kind Karma Worldwide® Planet Initiative Is About
"Healing Our Earth with Sacred Moments"
Opting to support the Earth in various ways and adopting a spiritual and compassionate approach to heal the Earth and its inhabitants are key components of the Kind Karma Worldwide® Planet Initiative.

Earth Gifting

Kind Karma Worldwide® employs the term Earth Gifting to encourage others to bestow healing energy, compassion, and gratitude upon our planet, Earth. Earth Gifting serves as our comprehensive approach to promoting a thriving Earth, offering a unique chance to engage with nature, contribute to healing, and preserve our planet simultaneously.

Shamanism & Nature

Shaman inspired events and courses with a friendly aim to enhance our understanding, connection, and gratitude towards nature. These engaging events offer an opportunity to explore your individual spiritual bond with Mother Earth. All are welcome to participate.

Environmental Awareness & Nature Connectivity

Raising awareness for the environment by fostering a connection with nature.

Through Earth Gifting and shamanic inspired gatherings, we are leading a worldwide movement to elevate consciousness and encourage a stronger focus on environmental stewardship.

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"Let's connect with our loving mother Earth. Feel her pulse, behold her beauty, listen to her song, dance to her music, and breathe in her essence."

- Dean Telano

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Kind Karma Worldwide Planet Events & Relevant Blogs
We offer courses to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits.  Additionally, we hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" events throughout the year.
Type of Events We Lead
  • Hosting retreats focused on earth-related activities that promote mindful daily practices to show compassion towards our planet. These retreats feature lifestyle adjustments, gentle outdoor yoga, nature-based breathing exercises, Awakening Meditation, and Awakening Qigong.
  • Contributing to the healing of the earth and the environment through Kind Karma® Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques, including energy medicine, mystical sounds, and drumming.
  • Being conscious of how our thoughts and emotions can influence the earth.

  • Maintaining cleanliness and safety in our surroundings through park or public clean-up initiatives.

  • Planting trees, flowers, herbs, plants, or cultivating gardens.

  • Utilizing nature-inspired crystals, sacred geometry, and arrangements.

  • Leading or engaging in Kind Karma® nature-focused or Shaman inspired practices like:

    • connecting with Nature Spirits and the Elementals.

    • calling in the 11 Sacred Directions, Spirit, Totem or Power Animals.

    • discovering the Mystic and Celestial Realms.

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