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"We are Shaping the World's Future by Empowering the Present."
– Kind Karma Worldwide™ Team
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Kind Karma Worldwide first began in 2012, during one of Dean Telano's meditation sessions of silence and solitude.  As a natural born medium and healer working with the Light – an ancestral gift, Dean channeled in a compelling, and urgent, message from Spirit that a global movement of heart consciousness and high vibration will be very much needed to usher in the "new earth".   A "wake-up" call of ascension to a new earth. 

Dean channeled in that a unified "heart consciousness" combined with "high vibration-induced endeavors" must be actualized to create a collective that would forever create a world future of harmony, peace, compassion, love, and kindness.  As time went by, Dean was graced with additional channeled messages that he must forge a path, with the help of vibrant, like-minded individuals who shared this vision, to raise the heart consciousness of humanity.  Furthermore, the channeled messages provided more perspicuous explanations that the high vibration-induced endeavors should be conglomerated into four initiatives by the year 2021, and to be revealed to the world no later than 2023.  It was explicated that the year 2023 represented the total number of "seven" (2+0+2+3).  The number seven resonates with "spirit"; symbolizes deep spiritual insight, wisdom and awakening; and speaks of peace, harmony, kindness and unconditional love. 

The four high vibration initiatives that were conceived, and currently exist today, are:
Kind Karma Kids R Key; Kind Karma Cares; Planet Kind Karma; and Kind Karma Community Rocks!  Kind Karma Worldwide™ officially became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in 2020.  This auspiciousness moment was achieved with the assistance of three additional radiant souls: Naomi Telano, Heidi Zeller and Lauren Merlino.  These loving individuals, with the leadership of Dean Telano, are the bedrock of Kind Karma Worldwide™, and comprise the, Kind Karma Worldwide Team. 
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Kind Karma Worldwide™ Team
Dean Telano – "Dr. Dean"
Founder & Channeler of Kind Karma Worldwide™
To learn more about Dr. Dean, website:
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Naomi Telano
I am so excited to be part of this Kind Karma Worldwide™ (KKW) movement!  Traveling through a spiritual journey in this lifetime, the KKW mission to raise the collective's vibration and help humanity prepare for the 5th dimension in the "New Earth" resonates within every cell of my being! As an animal lover, vegetarian, strong advocate of animal rights, a Reiki Grandmaster and lightworker – I love visiting animal farms and sanctuaries providing Holistic Animal Healing and Reiki to all the abused and neglected animals.  Additionally, helping, healing and guiding children and the senior communities holistically with yoga, meditation and sound healing all contributes to raising the heart consciousness and vibration that is so needed at this time! Humanity is being guided now, and I am thrilled to be a part of such a divine mission.
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Heidi Zeller

Joining the Kind Karma Worldwide™ (KKW) movement is a blessed journey of a lifetime of which I’m so grateful to be a part of. Being a Vegan with a love for all animals, and a Kind Karma Animal Reiki Master, this movement has given me the incredible opportunity to help and heal all animals through holistic modalities. As a Kind Karma Yoga Master Teacher certified in 2,000 hours, extensive training in meditation, sound healing therapy, and as a Reiki Grandmaster, I’m thrilled to help and heal children and seniors when we visit schools, hospitals and senior establishments, and “Planet Kind Karma” events. I’m honored to be a part of this KKW movement, raising the “heart consciousness” and “vibration” of humanity, as we journey into the New Earth.

crystal singing bowls.
Lauren Merlino
I am so grateful to be a part of Kind Karma Worldwide™!  As a Kind Karma Kids Yoga teacher I help to empower kids through holistic therapies including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, breath work, sound healing and nature connectivity. I teach kids positive techniques to channel their emotions and how to cope with turbulent life situations. The Kind Karma Kids R Key Initiative is super close to my heart because the kids are our future, and helping them helps us collectively move towards the New Earth. Additionally, I love to take part and join in healing the animals and Mother Earth with our Kind Karma Worldwide™ events and trips. 
kids yoga class
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We believe the world can change by raising the heart consciousness through high vibration-induced initiatives.

As a 501(c)(3) humanitarian nonprofit organization, Kind Karma Worldwide™ (KKW) international mission is to raise the heart consciousness and vibration of humanity through holistic initiatives. We are propagating positivity and high vibrational energies to help usher in a new earth awakening.

We believe, together, we can change the world for the better and make a long, lasting impact for a brighter future. Our mission is to reach out to as many people and communities as possible, propagating a profound shift in consciousness, awareness and spiritual awakening for a new earth.


Kind Karma Worldwide's four initiatives are intended to create high vibrational energies and a unified heart consciousness to create worldwide positive outcomes.

Kind Karma Worldwide's four initiatives – Kind Karma Kids R Key; Kind Karma Cares; Planet Kind Karma; and Kind Karma Community Rocks!,are designed to have a profound impact on your life, how you connect with others, and how you view and care for the world.  The initiatives are intended to create positive outcomes and high vibrational energies through 'mind-body' courses, 'holistic and integrative health' workshops, and inspirational 'raise your vibration' events.  We are creating a global canvas and person to person empowerment landscape for harmony, togetherness and peace.

adult walking meditation outdoors
group of teenagers practicing yoga


One heart at a time, Kind Karma Worldwide is taking positive steps and actions to raise humanity's vibrational energies to create a future of harmony, peace, kindness and respect. 

Kind Karma's goal is to create a worldwide community where people are empowered to develop the skills and self-awareness to enable positive change in their communities, families and in themselves.  Starting with each person, Kind Karma Worldwide™ is about taking positive steps and actions to raise humanity's vibrational energies towards a brighter future.  If each person can accomplish this, we believe, will see less: violence and hostility; injustice and bullying; unhappiness; and animal and environmental abuse.

"Unified in purpose, let's walk an empowered path to create a future of
harmony, peace, compassion, respect and kindness."
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Support Kind Karma Worldwide™
and become a 
"Kind Karma Heart"
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