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Kind Karma Worldwide® Kids Initiative 

Kind Karma Worldwide® (KKW) Kids' Initiative is dedicated to promoting youth development, empowerment, and well-being. We strongly believe that children are key to creating a sustainable and brighter future for the world.  

KKW emphasizes fostering positive development by focusing on the connection between body, breath, and mind, which includes understanding a child's emotions, thoughts, feelings, and self-awareness of their body and breath responses in various life situations. To implement this holistic approach, KKW Kids introduces safe, effective, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable practices. For example, specific breathing exercises are taught with the goal of encouraging positive self-regulation, stress reduction, maintaining calmness, and enhancing focus and concentration skills.

"Children Empowerment and Well-Being for a Brighter Future."
Who We Are & What We Do

Kind Karma® Kids R Key


Kind Karma® Kids R Key contains the following three components:

  1. Youth empowerment.

  2. Holistic approaches for youth well-being.

  3. Interconnectedness between children and the natural environment – nature connectedness


Kind Karma Kids R Key includes: 

Kind Karma Kids R Key
- Put into Action -
Kind Karma Kids R Key implements sound healing instruments and Kind Karma® Yoga to nurture confidence, creativity, mindfulness, teamwork and social skills.
Kind Karma Kids R Key teaches group Kind Karma® yoga, meditation and breathing techniques
Kind Karma Kids R Key incorporates Kind Karma Reiki, Sound Therapy and Crystal Therapy.
Kind Karma Kids R Key promotes nature connectedness
Kind Karma Kids R Key practicing Awaken Qigong, walking meditation– for channeling excess energy, and therapeutic sound
Kind Karma's Kids R Key
Youth Empowerment -

Youth Empowerment Of Wholeness

YEOW promotes youth empowerment through Kind Karma® Kid's Yoga, Awaken with Meditation, mindfulness, Awaken Qigong, integrative sound therapy, positive thinking and visualization, aromatherapy, energy and crystal therapy, and nature connectedness. ​

Kind Karma® Kids Yoga incorporates simple and, easy to learn, breathing methods as mindful learning tools for children to develop healthy coping skills.  Our specific breathing techniques are designed to teach positive ways to channel energy, emotions and feelings, and to cope with uncomfortable, painful, conflicted or turbulent life situations. ​

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"Alone We Can Do So Little.  Together We Can Do So Much."
- Helen Keller
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