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Our Kind Karma® Accomplishments
"We Are Shaping The World's Future By Empowering The Present"
Dean Telano, Founder of Kind Karma Worldwide
Kind Karma® Kids R Key! Initiative - 12/21/2022

From our "Kids R Key" Initiative, we collected approximately 100 TOYS through our Kind Karma Worldwide™ TOY DRIVE! What a successful outcome from the Kind Karma Worldwide™ community!

The toys were distributed to the children who reside at the Center of Hope homeless shelter, as well as other homeless shelters in Charlotte, NC.

The employees expressed such gratitude for the donation, and were excited to see the smiles and joy from the children that reside at their home, as well as the other children from the other shelters in their community.

IMG_7400 (1).JPG
Kind Karma® Community Rocks! Initiative - 12/18/2022

We donated 115 pounds of canned and boxed food to the Harrisburg Crisis Assistance Center Harrisburg Food Pantry in Concord, North Carolina in time for the Christmas Holiday. The food was collected through our Kind Karma Food Drive from the Kind Karma members and from neighboring communities. An active Kind Karma member is affiliated with this particular food pantry and was extremely grateful for our food donations! We are thrilled we can help so many people in need during the holiday season.

donating food to the poor
Kind Karma® Community Rocks! Initiative - 11/22/2022
We donated 120 pounds of canned and boxed food to the Second Harvest Food Bank in Charlotte, NC in time for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We ran a Food Drive and collected from the Kind Karma members as well as various neighboring communities. We did local advertisements and word of mouth to promote our food drive with its mission to help the homeless and those in need of food before the Thanksgiving holiday. The employees were extremely grateful for this donation and so were we -  knowing that we were able to help our fellow citizens!
women practicing a yoga pose with legs up along a wall.
Kind Karma® Community Rocks! Initiative - 10/21

Giving back to the community by bringing people together for free holistic healing and relaxation.

Everyone who attended our FREE "Sound Healing, Meditation and Yin Restorative Yoga" Class received their fair share of "zen" and healing!  While the kids had a blast as they came for the kids yoga class dressed up in costumes ready to do yoga and play on the Gong and Sound healing instruments!

We ended the free day of healing our community with reiki sessions and guided meditation.
woman using tibetan singing bowls during a yoga class.
three adults giving reiki healing to a ill horse.
Kind Karma® Cares Initiative
Holistic Animal Healing (HAH)

Giving back to the community by healing animals at Changing Hearts Farms.

Kind Karma® Reiki Grandmasters donated our healing energy abilities for healing animals of need at Changing Heart Farms.  "Changing Hearts Farm" is a non-profit farmed animal sanctuary committed to changing hearts on behalf of animals through education and rescue. They rescue animals and work towards "a future where the deserving nature and intrinsic worth of all animals everywhere are recognized and respected".
woman smiling at a pig
Kind Karma® Cares Initiative
Helping to Heal our Animal  Community
 - 12

Giving back to our community for animals in need.

Kind Karma® Cares Initiative donated 20 pounds of pumpkins for twelve chickens of need.  The pumpkins were used to help with digestive issues the chickens had been having.  Pumpkins are a healthy treat and are a great source of nutrients for chickens.  In this specific case, pumpkins are the chicken's favorite treat!  The owner of the chickens, Sarah, was very grateful for the efforts and donation from the Kind Karma® Cares Initiative.
chickens eating pumpkins
giving toys to children in need

Donating toys for children in need.

We donated a box full of 50+ toys for the children at the Center of Hope, a homeless shelter in Charlotte, NC.  We accomplished in helping to make a merrier Christmas for the children who reside at the shelter and joy to their parents.  The employees were very grateful to receive the toys and explained that the donations will be filtered to the children at Center of Hope, other homeless shelters and to those in need in the community.
giving food donation for animal farm
Kind Karma® Cares Initiative
Holistic Animal Healing (HAH)
 - 11

Giving back to the community by healing rescued animals at Changing Hearts Farms.

Kind Karma® Cares donated 40 pounds of food for the animals along with a monetary gift. Afterwards, a group of certified Kind Karma Reiki Practitioners spent the rest of the afternoon giving Reiki therapy to the sick and rescued animal residents of Changing Hearts Farm. The animals received Holistic Animal Healing, (HAH, Our holistic energy therapy). Included was the specific use of sound healing for a few of the seriously injured animals.
people at farm with cows
Kind Karma Worldwide™ Achievements
Focusing On Our 4 Kind Karma Initiative Mission-Based Goals 
hands holding wrists symbolizing unity and teamwork
Kind Karma® Kids R Key Initiative
  • We visited "Angela's House" monthly for a year to help 10 children that reside there with energy therapy to relieve physical pain and mental anguish.

  • Taught yoga, breathing exercises and meditation to parents and guardians of the children who live at Angela's House to help lessen stress, emotional pain & depression.

  • Donated hot food, water bottles, utensils, plates and cups to the children at Bearan Junior Academy.

  • We used sound and crystal therapy for children who reside at "Angela's House". 

Planet Kind Karma® Initiative
  • 4 Kind Karma volunteers planted flowering bushes in front and in back of our studio in the spring and fall.

  • 4 Kind Karma volunteers went to Lake Norman, North Carolina, to give Reiki to the trees and birds – Earth Gifting.

  • All our flowers we received as gifts were eventually given back to mother earth.

  • Gave an offering to the gnomes at a pond behind our studio. 

Kind Karma® Cares Initiative - 2022
  • Provided Kind Karma Reiki to 2,500 rescued, abused or injured animals.

  • Attained our goal of donating over 500 pounds of food to animals and sanctuaries of need.

  • Sponsoring animal sanctuaries. Presently involved with 3 different annual sponsorship programs for three rescued animals.

  • We donated 20 pounds of pumpkins to 12 chickens at a farm to help assuage their uncomfortable digestive issues.  

Kind Karma® Community Rocks!
  • Donated 200 pounds of canned food (5 bags) to Alta Grove Apartments for the food drive for Second Harvest of Charlotte.

  • Offered several free yoga classes honoring Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Fall Equinox, Lunar Eclipse, Special Full Moons to help our members to heal, minimize stress, to find peace.

  • During our outdoor Kind Karma Yoga class, we practiced in nature, giving our healing energy to all.  We also helped heal the tree during our practice.

Kind Karma® Worldwide Efforts To Protect Wild Animals & Their Habitats
Our global effort to adopt animals to help sponsor organizations
that protect and care for our animal kindred.  
Look At Who We Have Kindly Adopted & Currently Sponsoring
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