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"Kind Karma Cares' Mission is to Heal & Promote Kindness Towards our Animal Companions & Friends" 
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Kind Karma® Cares Initiative is Comprised of Two Segments:

1) Kind Karma® Cares: Holistic Animal Healing - HAH.

2) Kind Karma® Cares: Wildlife Sponsorships.

                  Kind Karma Cares: "Holistic Animal Healing (HAH)"


HAH is on a global mission to heal all types of animal with noninvasive therapies.  Holistic therapies such as, Kind Karma® Animal Reiki and Crystal and Sound Therapy (if applicable) are used for ill, abused, neglected or stressed animals.  Furthermore Kind Karma® Animal Reiki will reduce pain and stress the animal may be experiencing and instead, offer much needed comfort, relaxation and calmness.


HAH includes:

  • In-person visits to animal sanctuaries, farms and shelters to provide Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy.

  • Providing Distant Kind Karma® Animal Reiki healing for wherever the animal's physical location may be.

  • As and when appropriate, collecting and giving food donations to a particular animal sanctuary in need.

HAH helps with the following:

  • Domesticated pets & animals.

  • Rescue & sheltered animals.

  • Farm animals.

  • Wild & exotic animals.

  • Reptiles & amphibians.

  • Birds.

  • Fish & marine life.

  • Insects.

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Kind Karma® Cares' Accomplishments
Food Donations
Growth Diagram Bar Infographic
Kind Karma Animal Reiki Healing
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Your donations help Kind Karma® Cares succeed in its mission in providing food and Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy for animals who are rescued, neglected or abused.
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Kind Karma Worldwide™ Team Visits "Farm of the Free Animal Sanctuary (FOTF)", Good Hope, Georgia - 2023.
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Kind Karma Worldwide™ Visits Changing Hearts Farm Animal Sanctuary, Shelby, North Carolina - 2023.
Kind Karma Worldwide™ providing 150+ pounds of food donations for Changing Hearts Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Kind Karma® Animal Reiki practitioners giving group Reiki to "Sunshine" – a beautiful, loving pig in need.
Kind Karma® Animal Reiki practitioners giving group Reiki to the food – hay, for the horses at the animal sanctuary.
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Benefits of Kind Karma® Animal Reiki
  • Helps strengthen the connection or bond between you and your loving, treasured pet.
  • Deepens your connection with animals.

  • Maintains the animal's or pet's physical, emotional and energetic health.

  • Calms scared, fearful animals.

  • Reduces an animal's stress and tension.

  • Helps reduce pain, discomfort or suffering the animal or pet may be experiencing. 

  • Speeds recovery after surgery. 

  • Reduces or eliminates energy blockages that doesn't allow the animal to optimally heal. 

  • A wonderful, safe and holistic therapy for animals. 

  • Provides distance energy healing - safety from a distance.

  • Useful for wildlife, rescues, and hard to reach and handle animals. 

  • May help to extend an animal's life or help the animal to pass away in peace. 

  • Guardians may find performing Reiki on their beloved animal deepens their bond.

  • Become more centered, grounded and calmer in your everyday life.

  • Raises your vibration and heart consciousness. 

               Kind Karma Cares: "Animal Sponsorship"

The second important segment of the Kind Karma® Cares Initiative is our effort to protect wild animals and their habitats.  It reflects our global effort to adopt animals to help sponsor organizations that protect and care for our animal kindred.  

As part of this, Kind Karma® Cares offers numerous ways to raise animal awareness and help improve global animal welfare.
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Your donations help Kind Karma Cares succeed in its mission in sponsoring animals, and in return, they receive food, medication, veterinary care, supplies, and the highest standards of animal care.
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Look At Who We Have Kindly Adopted
And Currently Sponsoring
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