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Kind Karma Cares' Mission is to encourage kindness towards our animal companions and friends, with a focus on strengthening our connection with those we should heal, care and support.
Kind Karma® Cares Initiative Consists of Three Segments
  • Holistic Animal Healing (HAH)

    • Offering noninvasive holistic approaches, such as Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy.

  • Animal Food Donations
    • We provide and collect food to distrubute to animal rescue operations who are in dire need of it.
  • Wildlife Sponsorships
    • Sponsoring animals in need​.

Kind Karma® Cares

Holistic Animal Healing (HAH)

Holistic Animal Healing (HAH) is dedicated to globally healing various animals through noninvasive therapies. Holistic modalities like Kind Karma® Animal Reiki and Crystal and Sound Therapy (when applicable) are employed for animals that are ill, abused, neglected, or stressed. Specifically, Kind Karma® Animal Reiki aims to alleviate the animal's pain and stress, providing essential comfort, relaxation, and tranquility.

HAH includes:

  • Conducting in-person visits to animal sanctuaries, farms, and shelters to offer Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy.

  • Offering Distant Kind Karma® Animal Reiki healing regardless of the animal's physical location.

  • When suitable, gathering and providing food donations to support a specific animal sanctuary in need.

HAH helps with the following:

  • Domesticated pets & animals.

  • Rescue & sheltered animals.

  • Farm animals.

  • Wild & exotic animals.

  • Reptiles & amphibians.

  • Birds.

  • Fish & marine life.

  • Insects.

Kind Karma® Animal Reiki practitioners giving group Reiki to "Sunshine" – a beautiful, loving pig in need.
Kind Karma® Animal Reiki practitioners giving group Reiki to the food – hay, for the horses at the animal sanctuary.
Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy Accomplishments
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The Kind Karma Cares Team in Action

Kind Karma® Cares

Animal Food Donations

Kind Karma® Cares provides and collects food to distrubute to animal rescue operations who are in dire need of it. Our animal food donations does not only help needful animals at shelters, but animals at rescue operations who are in need of our assistance.

Our Kind Karma® Cares team will responsibly and purposefully take on the donations to help eliminate hunger and malnutrition by providing free animal food through your valuable donations.

Kind Karma Worldwide™ providing 150+ pounds of food donations for Changing Hearts Farm Animal Sanctuary.
Amount of Animal Food We Have Donated 
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The Kind Karma Cares Team in Action

Kind Karma® Cares

Animal Sponsorship

The third significant aspect of the Kind Karma® Cares Initiative focuses on safeguarding wild animals and their environments. This part of the initiative demonstrates our worldwide commitment to supporting animal adoption and sponsoring organizations dedicated to the well-being of our animal companions. Through Kind Karma® Cares, various opportunities are provided to raise awareness about animals and enhance global animal welfare.
 Your support is crucial for our mission to sponsor animals. In return, they will receive food, medication, veterinary care, supplies, and the utmost standard of animal welfare. 
Check out who we are currently sponsoring
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Join us - Kind Karma® Cares - in supporting our mission to offer food and Kind Karma® Animal Reiki Therapy to rescued, abused, or starving animals.

Your generous contribution will help to cover our travel expenses and lodgings, and enable us to positively impact the lives of animals in critical need of food, care and recovery.

"We believe that learning how to heal animals also opens our hearts to love more deeply."
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