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Who Are We & What We Do 

The Planet Kind Karma® Initiative is about healing, honoring and caring for our planet, Mother Earth.  Planet Kind Karma® is also about deepening our connection with our environment and nature spirits.  We also hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" events throughout the year, and offer training courses that are either: online and in person, or indoor and outdoor.

The Planet Kind Karma® Initiative consists of three different "sacred moment" segments:

  1. "Earth Gifting".

  2. Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature. 

  3. Environmental Awareness & Nature Connectivity.

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Events Are Live And Online 
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 "Healing Our Earth with Sacred Moments."
- Kind Karma Worldwide™
What Planet Kind Karma® Is About
Creating a World of Kind Karma® Interconnection
Choosing to support the earth on multiple levels and taking a spiritual and compassionate approach to healing the earth and her inhabitants is part of the Planet Kind Karma® Initiative

- Earth Gifting -

Kind Karma Worldwide™ created the name Earth Gifting to inspire others how to "gift" healing energy, compassion and gratitude to our planet, Earth.  Earth Gifting is our holistic solution to a healthy Earth and a wonderful opportunity to simultaneously connect with nature, and to heal and save our planet.


- Shamanism & Spirits of Nature -

Shamanic friendly themed events, retreats, and courses to deepen our understanding, connection and appreciation of nature.  The friendly themed events will enable you to experience your unique spiritual connection to Mother Earth.  Open to all.

- Environmental Awareness & Nature Connectivity -

Raising environmental awareness through nature connectivity.

With Earth Gifting and shamanic themed events, we are pioneering a global shift of consciousness to promote a deeper awareness of environmental stewardship.

"We created the term Earth Gifting, to inspire others to GIFT healing energy, compassion and gratitude to our planet, Earth."
Planet Kind Karma®
Events & Relevant Blogs
We offer courses to learn how to deepen our connection with our planet, environment and nature spirits.  Additionally, we hold numerous "Giving Back to the Earth" events throughout the year.
  • Holding earth related retreats that emphasize methods of mindful, daily actions we can reciprocate compassion to our planet. Our retreats include lifestyle changes, outdoor gentle yoga, breath exercises ("breathing in, and with, nature), Awaken with Meditation and Awaken Qigong.
  • Healing the earth and and environment through Kind Karma® Reiki and Shamanic healing methods, such as energy medicine, mystic sounds or drumming.

  • Being mindful of our own thoughts and feelings and how they can (and do) impact the earth. 

  • Keeping our environment clean and safe: park or public cleanups. 

  • Planting trees, flowers, herbs, plants, or creating gardens.

  • Working with nature related crystals, sacred geometry and layouts.

  • Leading or participating in our Kind Karma® nature loving or Shamanistic approaches such as connecting or paying homage to the: Nature Spirits; Elementals; 11 Sacred Directions; Spirit, Totem or Power Animals; and Mystic, Alchemy & Celestial Realms.

  • Blog: "Planet Kind Karma®. Kind Karma® Fairy Prayer."

  • Blog: "Planet Kind Karma®. Prayer of the Gnomes."

"Alone We Can Do So Little.  Together We Can Do So Much."
- Helen Keller
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Planet Kind Karma® 
Photo Gallery
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"The earth is our loving mother.  Together, let's feel her pulse; see her beauty; hear her song; dance
to her music; and live her breath." 

Dr. Dean Telano 

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