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Kind Karma® Animal and Pet Reiki.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Kind Karma® Animal & Pet Reiki is a noninvasive, holistic therapy. During our animal reiki training, we teach sessions with animals can be performed using the hands on methods or from a distance method. Both methods are effective. This non-invasive therapy makes it ideal for working with all kinds of animals, from domestic pets to wildlife to sheltered animals. When working with animals you will notice animals are very sensitive to energy, and love receiving Reiki!

"Kind Karma® Animal Reiki begins with the light inside our hearts that is filled with love, compassion and kindness." - Dr. Dean Telano

​Reiki is non-invasive and will help healing occur where it's needed most. The Reiki practitioner does not need to know the symptoms that the animal is experiencing in order for an effective session to be performed, although it's quite helpful to know as much as you can when working with any kind of animal. Animal Reiki can be performed successfully from a distance, making it a safe therapy for both the animal and practitioner.

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions."- Dr. Dean Telano

Energetically, it's important the animal feels it's in control of the session. They can be in the location they choose and do not need to be confined or restrained (unless necessary). With multiple sessions, animals will refine their perception of the specific frequency and will begin to seek out a session when they see the practitioner.

Anyone with an interest in deepening their connection with animals, will benefit from the Kind Karma® Animal Reiki training. If you already work with animals such as a groomer, trainer and technician or work in an environment with animals such as a shelter or rescue facilitator, you will find Reiki to be a perfect fit within your existing practice. Although Reiki is simple, it's profound. ​

"When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend, I feel a soul." - Anthony Douglass Williams

Benefits of Kind Karma® Animal & Pet Reiki

  • Helps strengthen the connection or bond between you and your loving, treasured pet.

  • Deepens your connection with animals.

  • Maintains the animal's or pet's physical, emotional and energetic health.

  • Calms scared, fearful animals.

  • Reduces an animal's stress and tension.

  • Helps reduce pain, discomfort or suffering the animal or pet may be experiencing.

  • Speeds recovery after surgery.

  • Reduces or eliminates energy blockages that doesn't allow the animal to optimally heal.

  • A wonderful, safe and holistic therapy for animals.

  • Provides distance energy healing - safety from a distance.

  • Useful for wildlife, rescues, and hard to reach and handle animals.

  • May help to extend an animal's life or help the animal to pass away in peace.

  • Guardians may find performing Reiki on their beloved animal deepens their bond.

  • Additional benefits of this course include: becoming more centered and calmer in your everyday life and experiencing a higher level of energy vibration.​

"Often our voice is found in our compassionate actions." - Dr. Dean Telano


Holistic Animal Healing - HAH, is one of two separate divisions of the Kind Karma® Cares Initiative. HAH provides noninvasive energy therapies, such as KIND KARMA® REIKI, for sick, abused, sheltered, farm and domesticated animals.​

It's our belief that learning how to heal and properly care for animals contributes to simultaneously healing yourself and the planet.

We are on a global mission to heal all types of animals, including birds, fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

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