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Kind Karma® Community Rocks! Kindness is in Our Hands with the Kind Karma® Heart Hand Gesture.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Kind Karma® Community Rocks! is about, "reaching, coaching and healing our communities" through community service projects and events emphasizing holistic health, healing and empowerment. This initiative includes, TALK: Teach AllLoving Kindness.

Kind Karma® Community Initiative Goal: "Reaching, teaching and healing our communities."

We Can Create Feelings Of Kindness & Compassion by Meditating with our Hands in "Kalesvara Mudra" (Gesture)

Heart Hand Gesture of Compassion & Kindness: "Kalesvara Mudra"

Instructions of How to do the Heart Hand Gesture during Meditation
  1. Sit comfortably, with a straight spine. Feel tall.

  2. With your elbows bent, bring your hands up until they meet in front of the body at the level of your heart. The elbows should be held up almost to the level of the hands, and away from the body.

  3. Bend the index fingers of each hand in toward the palm and press them together at the second joint. Extend your middle fingers so that there are touching and pointing way from your body. Curl the rest of your fingers (ring and little fingers) into your palm.

  4. Touch the thumbs together at their tips, pointing or angled downward (refer to the above photo). Create a shape that resembles a heart.

  5. Hold your hands in this mudra about a hand's width away from your body, with your elbows and hands held approximately at same level.

  6. Relax your shoulders back and down.

This meditation hand gesture instills you with compassion, kindness, joy & empowerment.

Meditation Pointers with the Heart Hand Gesture


  • Keep your attention on your breath, heart center, hand mudra or affirmation.

  • Try not to wrestle with your thoughts, just allow them to filter through, and then return your focus back onto your breath or established focal point. You can also focus your attention at the tip of your nose.


  • Long, deep natural breaths. Be gentle.


  • Meditate with the hands in this heart shape mudra, daily, for 3-5 minutes. A good practice goal is 10+ minutes.


  • Energy Centers: Heart (Green); Throat (Blue) and Third-Eye (Indigo).


  • “Silence, harmony and peace fill my entire being.”

  • "Kindness is in my hands."

  • "Kindness is my my heart."


  • Inhale completely, gently hold your breath and mentally recite your affirmation. Next, exhale, hold the breath out, and repeat the same affirmation. If needed, repeat the same process with the affirmation.

  • To finish your meditation: relax your breath, sit quietly, and abide in peace and calm. Be sure to offer gratitude to whom you feel necessary.

During this meditation, you can point your thumbs towards your heart center and angle you hands slightly forward. This will help direct energy into your heart center and upper body.

Benefits of the Heart Hand Gesture
  • Calms anxious thoughts, agitated feelings, inner restlessness and nervousness.

  • Clears your mind, helping you make new observations about yourself.

  • Enhances memory, concentration and the ability to focus.

  • Helps with creating new, positive insights into otherwise difficult situations.

  • Removes negative thoughts and replaces them with positive ones.

  • Heart opening. Soothes heartache, and mitigates grief and depression.

  • Eliminates addictive behavior, habits or patterns.

  • Raises your vibration, cultivates uplifting energy and awakens your authentic self.

  • Supports the health of your neuroendocrine system.

  • Directs energy flow into the chest, neck, head; and thymus, thyroid and pituitary glands.

  • Opens and balances your higher energy centers: 4th, 5th & 6th chakras.

Invigorate your practice by meditating in nature.

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