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Kind Karma® Reiki Ball for Healing.

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Kind Karma® Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle, type of energy therapy that

resonates at a high vibrational frequency.

"What makes Kind Karma® Reiki powerful, and unique, is that it combines traditional symbols with channeled Loving Kindness, Angelic and nature-based (Shamanic) symbols." - Dr. Dean Telano, Founder

Kind Karma® Reiki Ball

Here is a wonderful Kind Karma® Energy Exercise to create a Reiki Ball. Use the Reiki Ball before, during or after your Reiki practice or healing session. If you are experiencing burnout or tiredness, use this Kind Karma® Energy Exercise to replenish your depleted energies. Enjoy!

How to Create the Kind Karma® Reiki Ball
  • Relax: Get in a comfortable, seated position and place both of your hands, palms-up, on your thighs. Set your intention, or offer a prayer or affirmation.

  • Draw the "Loving Kindness" Symbol #1 or Reiki Symbols on Both Palms: Tap or clap your hands after you draw the symbols in your palms.

  • Visualize: Visualize a gentle white light waterfall going directly to, and into, the top of your head (Crown Chakra). Visualize the beautiful energy and light filling your entire body. Now, imagine you are aglow with this radiant, rejuvenating white light (White Angel Light Ray or White Flame).

    1. Now look at the palm of your left hand (palm chakra), and visualize White Rays of Light coming out from it.

    2. With this energy emanating from your left palm, move your eyes over to your right palm and visualize White Rays of Light coming out from the right hand.

    3. Now, imagine the energy gracefully moving back and forth to each hand, like a "slinky" of energy (as it stretches and re-forms itself, in each hand).

  • Rub your Hands: Once you’re ready, rub your hands together for about 20 to 30 seconds. You are now totally immersed in this luminous white light.

  • Hold your Hands Still: Now, keeping your hands about 2-3 inches apart, hold them still, yet relaxed.

    1. With your hands slightly apart, see if you can feel or sense an energetic connection between your two hands, palms and fingers.

  • Move your Hands & Energy Play: Still maintaining this hand position, begin to slowly pull your hands further apart, as if you were playing an accordion. As you move your hands slowly back and forth, move your hands in different directions: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. As you repeatedly move your hands out and then in, notice if you feel any magnetic energy sensations, pulsing, warmth or tingling at and around your hands, palms or fingers. You can change the directions of how your hands move away from one another. Energy Play.

  • Compress & Mold the Energy into the Shape of a Ball: Once you complete this energy playFUNness, go back to the original position of holding your hands just slightly apart again. You should now be able to feel compressed energy, as if there is an energy ball between your palms.

  • You have now created the Kind Karma® Reiki Ball. YOU ARE REIKI AWESOME!

Uses for the Kind Karma® Reiki Ball
  1. You can give this energy back to yourself by placing your hands gently on your heart or on any area where you feel you need healing.

  2. Offer the energy to your client, pets, animals, trees, plants, sky, sun, moon, oceans, lakes, etc.

  3. Send the Reiki Ball to world situations that are in need of healing, loving energy.

  4. Place the ball in a Reiki Box or a Reiki Grid.

  5. Place it on someone's photo that's in need of Reiki Healing.

  6. Place on your crystals, pendulums, wands, etc.

  7. Place on sound healing instruments that you use for healing, meditation, yoga or gong bath.

  8. Use the ball of energy to cleanse or protect an area or space.

  9. Place the ball of energy on a piece of paper that contains a prayer, affirmation, mantras or a name of someone you love and care for.

Benefits of the Kind Karma® Reiki Hand Energy Exercise
  • Helps to harness and build energy (chi or ki) in your hands and body.

  • Rejuvenates and restores your energy.

  • Increase energy circulation and levels, and strengthens your personal energy field.

  • Develops energy awareness and sensitivity.

  • Opens the energy centers (chakras) of your hand.

  • Cultivates your skill working with energy.

  • Increases the power of visualization.

  • You can use this energy to protect yourself.

  • You can use this energy to clear a space or create a sacred place of protection.

  • You can use this energy to heal yourself (as a method of self-healing) or help heal others.

  • Increases "Kind Karma" or "Loving Kindness".

  • The Loving Kindness Symbol helps heal our karma and, mental, physical, emotional and energetic body.

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