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Kind Karma Yoga: "I Am My Breath" Meditation.

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

I Am My Breath meditation is found in the book, "Kind Karma Kids Yoga: Awaken Your Inner Shaman" and is part of all Kind Karma Yoga and Awaken with Meditation training courses. Kind Karma Yoga is a heart centered and midline integrated yoga. This style of yoga incorporates heart-based practices, powerful core techniques and Rahini Yoga Kriyas that promote healing and personal empowerment.

Kind Karma Kids Yoga Bookm


Kind Karma Yoga Meditation: I am my breath.

How To Practice Kind Karma® Yoga
"I Am My Breath" Meditation

  1. Find a comfortable seated position, and close your eyes. If possible, cross the legs and keep the spine straight. If it's uncomfortable crossing your legs, then sit in a chair with your feet rooted to the floor and hip-width apart.

  2. Rest your hands or wrists on top of your knees, with your palms facing upward.

  3. While saying “I”, touch your thumbs and index fingers together on both hands.

  4. While saying "Am", touch your thumbs and middle fingers together on both hands.

  5. While saying "My", touch your thumbs and ring fingers together on both hands.

  6. While saying "Breath", touch your thumbs and little fingers together on both hands.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 for the duration of the meditation.

  8. To end:

  • Inhale, then exhale. Stretch the spine, with your arms reaching up as far as possible. Spread and wiggle the fingers and shake the hands to help release remaining low vibrational energy. As you shake your hands, draw some attention to your spine and shake it too. This will help with aligning and harmonizing your energy centers along the spine.

  • Take in several deep breaths. Relax, and take some time to take in and connect with any sensations arising in your body. With evenness, observe your thoughts.

For a 7-minute practice, do the following:

  1. 1 minute out loud ("speech of action").

  2. 1 minute whisper ("breath of action").

  3. 3 minutes silently ("spirit of action" or "Spiritual Action").

  4. 1 minute whisper ("breath of action").

  5. 1 minute out loud ("breath of action").

  • Your stillness of body during this meditation is the "body of action".

  • The affirmation: I Am My Breath is the "mind/subconscious of action".


  • Raises your vibration and attracts positive energy in your life.

  • The "7"minutes, honors the Seven Sacred Directions of Light & Protection.

  • Aligns your spirit with your body, breath, speech and mind.

  • Increases cognitive function (thinking, remembering, reason and perception), and increases brain fitness.

  • Reducing stress levels.

  • Promotes calm and inner peace.

  • Supports emotional balance and control.

  • Enhances mindfulness.

  • Strengthens focus and concentration.

  • Enhances intuition.

  • Harmonizes your energy body and increases vitality.

  • Balances the elements in the body and mind.

  • Both children and adults can practice this meditation.

  • Simple to learn and easy to practice.

  • Deepens your connection to the Divine.

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