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"Awakening & Healing The Collective Community Consciousness."
- Kind Karma® Worldwide

Who Are We & What We Do: 

Kind Karma® Community Rocks' objective is to "Awaken & Heal the Collective Community Consciousness."  This KKW Initiative is intended to achieve this objective by reaching, teaching and healing the global community through service projects and events emphasizing holistic health and healing.  This initiative includes TALK: Teach All Loving Kindness.  

KKW Community Rocks! includes:

  • Kind Karma® Yoga & Awaken with Meditation.

  • Awaken with Qigong.

  • Integrative Gong & Sound Therapy.

  • Kind Karma® Reiki & Crystal Therapy.

  • Mind Hygiene, Breathing Exercises & Mindfulness.

  • Positive Thinking & Empowering Affirmations.

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We Work Onsite, Offsite & Online
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Kind Karma® Worldwide
 Teach All Loving Kindness Events
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Teach All Loving Kindness

TALK is about motivating and empowering others to live a life of high vibration and positivity.  TALK incorporates innovative holistic approaches to open your heart, clear your mind, harmonize your emotions and heal your body.  It's our belief when you take personal responsibility for raising your vibration, you simultaneously raise and lift the vibration of the world.​  TALK provides the necessary tools to navigate your everyday life to generate positive karma, and to work with the rhythms and flows of nature in alignment with your highest intention, authenticity and higher purpose. 

"Alone We Can Do So Little.  Together We Can Do So Much."
- Helen Keller
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Kind Karma® Community Rocks!
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"Unified in purpose, let's walk the empowered path"
- Dr. Dean Telano