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Invest in the World's Future with Kind Karma® Worldwide.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

"We are raising the consciousness & vibration of humanity."


As a nonprofit organization, Kind Karma® Worldwide (KKW) was created to propagate positivity and high vibrational energies to help usher in a new earth awakening. Our mission is to raise the consciousness and vibration of humanity through its holistic initiatives, empowerment programs and community events.

"We Are Shaping The World's Future By Empowering The Present." - Kind Karma® Worldwide


Kind Karma's Initiatives are designed to have a profound impact on your life, how you connect with others, and how you view and care for the world. The initiatives are intended to create positive outcomes and high vibrational energies through 'mind-body' courses, 'holistic and integrative health' workshops, and inspirational 'raise your vibration' events. We are creating a global canvas and person to person empowerment landscape for harmony, peace, respect and kindness.


Kind Karma's goal is to create a worldwide community where people are empowered to develop the skills and self-awareness to enable positive change in their communities, families and in themselves. Starting with each person, Kind Karma® Worldwide is about taking positive steps and actions to raise humanity's vibrational energies towards a brighter future. If each person can accomplish this, we believe, will see less: violence; inequality; unhappiness; bullying; and animal and environmental abuse.

"Alone We Can Do So Little. Together We Can Do So Much." - Helen Keller

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